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SYN5203 GPS signal simulator 
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SYN5203 GPS signal simulator

Product overview

The SYN5203 GPS signal simulator is a low-cost satellite navigation timing simulation signal designed and developed by Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., simulating the navigation signals of the GPS satellite navigation and positioning system, supporting the RF signal output of GPS L1 frequency points, supporting real-time ephemeris and external ephemeris parameter input, supporting various trajectory outputs of different time lengths, meeting the test requirements of various GPS navigation time service receiving terminals, and replacing the foreign high GPS simulator.

The simulator is widely used in all aspects of the development, development, production and testing of basic and time consuming user equipment. It can complete ranging accuracy test, navigation message test, lock out re capture test, positioning accuracy test, speed accuracy test, channel delay test, conformance test, error rate test, and so on, which will greatly enhance the work efficiency.

At the same time, it is also suitable for research and development of related products that rely on satellite navigation and positioning functions, such as sharing bicycles, sharing cars, navigation and positioning equipment, electronic fence equipment and other application environments.It can greatly improve efficiency and avoid frequent field testing, greatly improving the speed of product development and testing deployment.

Key words: GPS satellite signal simulator, GPS signal generator, GNSS signal simulator

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Product function

1) the front panel is equipped with a 10.8 inch touch screen, which can work independently without external computers.

2) several tests were conducted under the same environmental conditions to compare the positioning performance and quantitatively analyze the positioning effect of the navigation terminal.

3) it can simulate the movement state of the navigation terminal at any time, at any place and at any place, and it can test the navigation terminal in a static, low dynamic and high dynamic environment.

4) multiple tracks or fixed points can be pre arranged; track switching is convenient, and the number of track preset bars is not limited.

5) has the function of micro power transmitting, direct connection and receiver test.

6) with real-time timestamp technology, it can drive the timing GPS receiver to demodulate and output PPS with high accuracy.

7) the output power can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the gain function can be enhanced to cover large areas.

8) DC5V power supply, built in lithium battery to adapt to mobile, power supply and other mobile power output mode.

Product characteristics

A) adopts modular design and high reliability.

B) testing with satellite navigation simulator can save a lot of manpower and equipment cost in the process of testing, and ensure product quality.

Typical application

1) design and development of satellite navigation user equipment, satellite navigation system validation and new navigation technology and new methods;

2) batch automatic testing and testing of satellite navigation user equipment.

Technical index

Signal scale

Frequency point


Channel number

16 channel

dynamic parameter

Maximum speed

+ 50m/s

Maximum acceleration

+ 50m/s2

Maximum plus speed

+ 50m/s3

Signal quality

In band spurious


Harmonic power


satellite signal level

Nominal value

30dBm (covering 20000 square meters, radius 80 meters)


Zero ~ 47dB



External reference input



Environmental characteristics

working temperature

0 C ~ + 50 C

relative humidity

Less than 90% (40 C)

Storage temperature

-20 C ~ + 70 C

To configure

operating system


Touch screen

10.8 inch IPS capacitance screen, resolution 1920x1280, multi touch



Hard disk

EMMC solid state hard disk 64G

Other interfaces

3 sets of USB standard interface, HDMI output, Bluetooth 4, 3.5mm audio output interface, TF card expansion port, RJ45 network interface, Wifi

Other functions

Scene track recording

Power supply

DC +5V power supply is less than 15W

Built in 10000mAH battery

Chassis dimensions

Portable computer 255mm*173mm*70mm

Chassis weight

Less than 1.2KG


Dedicated GPS receiver for field track recording, high precision constant temperature crystal oscillator, rubidium clock, etc.

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