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Introduction of SYN4632 PCIe clock synchronization
Introduction of SYN4632 PCIe clock synchronization

Product overview

SYN4632 The PCIe clock synchronization card is a synchronous card developed by Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which provides high precision hardware clock for computers, industrial computers and other operating systems through PCIe bus. The clock synchronization card is produced by pipeline automation patch production. The FPGA+ARM frame is used to design the external reference signals such as GPS/ Beidou /PTP/, AC and DC IRIG-B code /CDMA/1PPS/10MHz, etc., and output various time and frequency signals, so as to improve the time accuracy and accuracy of the system and meet the needs of different users.

The clock synchronization card has a high precision time keeping clock source and can provide high precision time service when the external reference is invalid. It also provides Windows timing management software and API drivers of all kinds of operating systems. It fully realizes the timing of high precision application programs, and has the characteristics of strong compatibility, rich interface, high accuracy, good stability, strong function, no accumulation error, no environmental restrictions such as regional climate, high cost performance, simple operation and maintenance free. PCIe clock synchronization card

Product function

A)   PCIe bus timing is supported, and time accuracy is better than 10us.

B)   Built in high precision timing GPS/BD dual mode receiver;

C)   The external reference is time locked by the built-in high precision clock after losing the lock.

D)   Support Plug and Play.

E)   Output second pulse (PPS) time scale synchronous pulse signal;

F)   Windows/Linux Drive to provide API function interface;

G)   Windows upper computer timing software is provided to automatically calibrate the computer.

H)   A variety of interrupt signals can be provided on the PCIe bus.

I)   PCIe The bus provides information such as time information, GPS, BD satellite number, and card synchronization status.

J)   Output 1PPS and serial port TOD (NEMA0183 GPRMC statement, with latitude and longitude positioning information).

Product characteristics

A)   High precision, fully automatic, unattended and maintenance free.

B)   The main circuit part is shielded with metal shell, which has strong anti-interference ability.

C)   With low power consumption and high reliability, it can work steadily for a long time.

D)   Easy installation: the product can be directly inserted into the PCIe expansion slot of the computer (or IPC).

Typical application

1)   Computer network, computer application system and process control management system;

2)   It is widely used in power, traffic, communication, network synchronization, data synchronization and so on. ;

3)   Computer time synchronization, data synchronous acquisition, astronomical survey and geodetic survey need time domain.

4)   Widely used in power, finance, communications, transportation, radio and television, security, petrochemical, metallurgy, water conservancy, national defense, medical, education, government agencies, IT and other fields.

5)   It can be widely applied to various fields such as instruments, meters, DVB, DAB, CMMB, Wimax, CDMA and so on.

6)   It can be conveniently applied to the computer application system in the fields of industrial control, traffic power, telemetry and remote control with high precision time synchronization requirements.

Technical index

Input signal

GPS Beidou receiver

Frequency point

L1 , B1

Timing accuracy

Be better than 30ns

Tracking sensitivity


GPS Beidou antenna


One Mushroom head Thirty Rice antenna

Other references (options)


output signal



PCIe X1 (compatible) X4/X8/X16 )

Synchronization accuracy

Be better than 10us


Standard: 10PPS

Option: 20PPS/40PPS/100PPS/1000PPS


Time information GPS , BD Information on satellite number, status of card synchronization and so on


provide standard Windows/Linux32 position /64Bit driven

Include Ubuntu , CentOS Unicorn, winning unicorn, Galaxy kylin and other commonly used versions.

provide Linux Driver source code

API function

The two development function library is provided. API Function interface)

RS232C serial port

One road DB9 , RS232C Level, year, month, time, and seconds, location information

Pulse signal

Standard: 1PPS

Option: 1PPM/1PPH/20PPS/40PPS/100PPS/1000PPS

Other signals (options)

10MHz/PTP/NTP/IRIG-B code /

Built in clock

Standard: warm compensated crystal oscillator

Option: high precision constant temperature crystal oscillator or rubidium atomic clock.

Software And source code

provide Windows Calibration time Software and two timing sources

provide Linux Timing software and timing source

Environmental characteristics

working temperature

Standard: Zero C ~ + Seventy Temperature

Option: -40 C ~ + Eighty-five Temperature

relative humidity

Less than 90% ( Forty Temperature)

Storage temperature

- Four Zero C ~ + Eighty-five Temperature

Power supply

PCIe slot +3.3v + 12V Power consumption, less power consumption 6W


Equal to or equal to One hundred thousand hour

Chassis dimensions

standard PCIe Interface: One hundred and seventy-five (long) x 107mm (high) x (thick) 21mm

Guide for selection of related products

Model name

Input signal

output signal

Power Supply


SYN4601 Type GPS-PCI time service card


One Road serial port, 1 way 1PPS

PCI The power consumption of slot +5V is less than 2W

Standard PCI interface: 175 (long) x 107mm (high) x (thick) 21mm

SYN4603 Type Beidou -PCI time service card


SYN4605 Type CDMA-PCI time service card


SYN4607 Type B code -PCI time service card

IRIG-B code

SYN4609 Model GPS Beidou dual mode -PCI time service card

GPS Beidou

SYN4611 Type GPS-PCIe time service card


One Road serial port, 1 way 1PPS

PCIe The power consumption of slot +5V is less than 2W

Standard PCIe interface: 175 (long) x 107mm (high) x (thick) 21mm

SYN4613 Type Beidou -PCIe time service card


SYN4615 Type CDMA-PCIe time service card


SYN4617 Type B code -PCIe time service card

IRIG-B code

SYN4619 Model GPS Beidou dual mode -PCIE time service card

GPS Beidou

SYN4632 PCIe clock synchronization card

GPS Beidou (optional other reference input)

PCIe The bus timing and output a variety of time and frequency signals.

PCIe Slot +3.3V and +12v power supply

SYN4621 Type GPS-CPCI time service card


One Road serial port, 1 way 1PPS

CPCI The power consumption of slot +5V is less than 4W

Standard CPCI 6U card (233.35mm X 160mm) (optional 3U card)

SYN4623 Type Beidou -CPCI time service card


SYN4625 Type CDMA-CPCI time service card


SYN4627 Type B code -CPCI time service card

IRIG-B code

SYN4629 Model GPS Beidou dual mode -CPCI time service card

GPS Beidou


Constant temperature crystal oscillator OCXO, rubidium clock, positioning information output, lightning arrester, customized antenna cable (50 m, 80 m, 100 m, etc.), 1PPS output RS232C, RS422/485, etc., serial output TTL, RS422/485, etc., customized wide temperature range products, according to customer requirements customized products.

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