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Application of GPS time server in broadcasting and TV system

Issuing time:2020-03-01 19:54

This article mainly talks about the case of GPS time server applied to the broadcast and TV system, explains in detail the application function of GPS time server in broadcasting and television system, and makes a brief exposition of the attentions and choices of GPS time server in broadcasting and television system. Users of radio and TV system can make a relative difference when choosing the GPS time server and analyzing its function. Reference resources.

The GPS time server produced by our company has been put into use in many broadcasting and TV stations, and has been highly evaluated. The demand for GPS time server is mainly reflected in the need for a unified time mechanism between the independent service devices in the broadcast and television system, and complete and accurate collection of information and no difference transmission function.

We know that the time used by the broadcasting and television system is the standard Beijing time, and when the broadcasting and television system collects information at a specific point in time, it is impossible for all the matching equipment to be manually matched. The main reason is that the manual workload is heavy, and the influence of the error of the naked eye, such as the delay of the network and the judgement of the naked eye, will be caused by the artificial time delay. It is not conducive to the accuracy of information collection to manually synchrony errors between individual devices.

At present, the problem of time consistency in radio and television systems is mainly based on the special equipment allocation mechanism in the broadcasting and TV system. The equipment in the broadcasting and TV system is to meet the security of its own needs. Every device used for sending and sending letters is sent to the broadcast and TV Information Network. The GPS time server for the broadcast and TV private network terminal time is also selected to synchronize with the network. In the form of time synchronization of all devices.

The GPS time server is applied to the broadcasting and television system. The main equipments currently used include SYN2151 type NTP time synchronization server, standard satellite time signal, and NTP network time protocol to provide standard time unification for all devices in the network. The GPS time server of the broadcasting and television system usually chooses at least 2 NTP network ports when it is configured, which is used for time synchronization of the broadcast and TV private network. It is used for time synchronization of the monitoring network in the computer room, and provides standard time service functions to all the devices supporting NTP protocol in the network based on the time service provided by the LAN.

When configuring the GPS time server in the broadcasting and television system, most of the time is based on the 4 network port, and the redundant configuration is made for every 1 road network ports. At the same time, 2 NTP time synchronization server devices are selected in the overall system frame. When used, the two devices can be set up as the same configuration as redundancy of the equipment, which can meet the redundancy function of time source and time signal.

As for the use of GPS time server in radio and TV system, if you want to know more about it, please consult our company's business personnel.