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Introduction of GPS timing clock

Issuing time:2020-03-01 19:53

The GPS timing clock can automatically receive satellite time source information through its own satellite antenna, after internal high technology processing, and allocate accurate time signals through other interfaces to other equipment that needs time service.

The GPS timing clock adopts advanced multi-mode satellite receiver. The timing signal is easy to receive: the coverage range is large, and there is no communication blind area. By using the GPS satellite, Beidou satellite and the combined multi-source central clock, the core technologies such as a variety of time benchmarks, adaptive filtering technology and inner heart jump detection are combined to achieve multi time source automatic switching and time integration. Integrity and reliability.

After the power is switched on, enter the working state and the original LCD of the front panel LCD.

The default reference source after the GPS clock is turned on is Beidou +GPS mode, and the self travel time is displayed.

Installation and commissioning process:

The antenna is connected to the antenna /ANT interface of the clock server, the front panel is observed, and after receiving the satellite, the network cable is connected to the clock server, directly connected to the computer / access LAN, and is configured through software or through WEB to login to the device management interface.

Change the default IP and gateway in the server to the IP and gateway of the existing LAN as a network segment.

Click on the lower right corner of the computer to open the time, select "Internet time" - change the settings, select "Internet time server synchronization", change the default "time.windows.com" into the clock server modified IP in the input box, and click "update immediately".

After clicking the "immediate update" box behind, prompt synchronization is successful. This means that the synchronization is successful. If the synchronization error is indicated, it means that the synchronization fails, then it is necessary to check whether the IP is correct and whether the network is smooth.

After checking the IP and network lines, you need to check whether the windowstime function of the computer is turned on. In addition, check whether to open the NTP client function, fill in the IP of the clock server in the NTP configuration, and then click "update immediately".

6, because antennas should be erected in outdoor roofs / Windows / balconies / balconies and other places, it is necessary to pay attention to 1 and lightning protection. It is necessary to put the mushroom head rack on the roof / roof, and it will inevitably encounter lightning strikes. Generally, lightning arresters can be avoided. The lightning arrester is connected between the host and the antenna, and the interface is BNC.

The GPS timing clock mode can also provide standard time information for the LAN, which is built by the intelligent weak current system such as monitoring system, computer network, time scoring system, and so on. It can unify the time of all systems. Once any fault or accident occurs, it can be verified through this unified time.