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The use of NTP synchronous clock

Issuing time:2020-03-01 19:52

The NTP synchronous clock is a high-tech product for the calibration of computers and control devices in modern hi tech automation systems. The NTP protocol is used to synchronize the time of computers or other network devices to the standard UTC time. The network clock server obtains the UTC time signal from the GPS satellite, and transmits these standard time information through the internal high technology, then transmits the equipment that needs standard time information through the network port, so that the time synchronization in the whole system can be realized.

NTP synchronous clock receives satellite time signal. The front panel displays information such as time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time and time, and the status of power supply. The standard UTC time information is transmitted through the network, providing accurate, standard, safe, reliable and multi-functional NTP time service for network equipment. It is a cost-effective network time synchronization server.

The clock system consists of a GPS antenna and a time server, and is connected by a coaxial cable prefabricated with a BNC joint. The SYN2151 type clock server is equipped with 2 10/100 /1000Mb/s adaptive Ethernet interfaces. Different network segments can be set up separately for the network timing of field devices.

Installation and commissioning process:

The antenna is connected to the antenna /ANT interface of the clock server, the front panel is observed, and after receiving the satellite, the network cable is connected to the clock server, directly connected to the computer / access LAN, and is configured through software or through WEB to login to the device management interface.

Change the default IP and gateway in the server to the IP and gateway of the existing LAN as a network segment.

Click on the lower right corner of the computer to open the time, select "Internet time" - change the settings, select "Internet time server synchronization", change the default "time.windows.com" into the clock server modified IP in the input box, and click "update immediately".

After clicking "immediately update", prompt synchronization is successful. This means that the synchronization is successful. If the synchronization error is indicated, it means that the synchronization fails, then it is necessary to check whether the IP is correct and whether the network is smooth.

The NTP synchronous clock networking method can also set up a small LAN for the intelligent weak current system, such as monitoring system, computer network, time scoring system, etc., it can receive the time signal of NTP and unify the time of all systems. Once any fault or accident occurs, it can be verified through this unified time.

This time server is designed with modern high technology and no hard disk. It is not restricted by environmental conditions such as regional climate, high cost performance, simple operation and maintenance free. It is suitable for unattended operation. The product can provide precise standard time signal and time stamp service for computer network, computer application system, process control management system, electronic commerce system, online B2B system, database storage and maintenance, and hard disk recorder.

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