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Introduction to SNTP time server

Issuing time:2020-03-01 19:51

SNTP time server means using a simple network time protocol to synchronize time. The SNTP network protocol is adapted from the NTP network time protocol. The NTP network time protocol is a protocol for synchronous computers. So in terms of timing, the SNTP time server can also achieve the same function as NTP time server.

The SNTP time server takes the satellite time signal as the time reference and outputs the UTC international standard time information. SNTP time server can get UTC time from atomic reference clock, observatory, satellite, Internet and other reference materials. The SNTP time server synchronize the UTC world to the computer. Due to the different time zones, the Beijing time we use is UTC+8 hours. The SNTP time server has an accurate time source, so its timing accuracy has also been increased to milliseconds.

The SNTP time server can operate in unicast or broadcast mode. The unicast mode is that the terminal equipment obtains accurate time information through regular access to the SNTP time server, which is used to adjust the time of the terminal device's own system and achieve the purpose of synchronization time. The broadcast mode is that the SNTP time server sends messages periodically to the specified IP broadcast address or IP multicast address, and the terminal device listens to SNTP time server address to get time information.

The SNTP time server mainly provides time service based on the network time service. The network time service is convenient, and the time range is wide and the precision is high. For example, SYN2101NTP network time server is to receive satellite time information output NTP network, pulse, serial port and other time information to the terminal equipment, and ensure all devices in LAN time synchronization. SYN2101NTP network time service can choose multiple input sources, its network timing accuracy is 0.5-10ms, throughput is 4000 times / second, it can give tens of thousands of terminal equipment time. The clock source of NTP network time service is high precision temperature compensated crystal oscillator. It can also choose constant temperature crystal oscillator, rubidium atomic clock, tame constant temperature crystal oscillator module, tame rubidium clock module, etc. the clock source can effectively carry out punctuality.SYN2101NTP network time service has the following functions: dry contact alarm, timing software Windows system SNTP time service software, batch software for batch client to point time server IP, time interval and so on. Management software configures and monitors the working state and working parameters of time server, firewall, QoS function, SYN-flood defense and so on.

SYN2101NTP network time has the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability, strong function, high cost performance, simple operation and so on. It is widely used in schools, hospitals, electricity, finance, communications, transportation, broadcasting and other industries.

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