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SYN2101 The NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2102 NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2104 NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2131 NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2132 NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2134 NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2136 Beidou NTP network time server
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2931 NTP client receiving module
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2932 NTP server core module
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN2934 NTP server card
商城價: ¥8,888.00
SYN6109 NTP network sub clock
商城價: ¥8,888.00
Time service

Internet time service - Xi'an provides synchronous and free NTP network time service for you.

You know what? The average computer time will be 1 seconds in 3~5 days. If your computer is connected to the Inetrnet network, it is totally useless. Worry about time. Because many websites on the Internet provide NTP network time service, they can calibrate the computer time to milliseconds.

Xi'an synchronously provides permanent and free high-precision network time synchronization services for the vast number of Internet users, as well as new and old customers. Free Admission Provides a window to test the NTP network time service function.

Our company provides multiple servers for network time service.



Xi'an synchronization is the first private time-frequency manufacturer providing free time service in China.

NTP introduction

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a protocol used to synchronize computer time. It enables computers to synchronize their servers or clock sources, such as quartz clocks, GPS and so on. It can provide high precision time correction (LAN is less than 1 milliseconds with standard intervals, tens of milliseconds on WAN), and can prevent malicious attacks by means of encrypted confirmation.

SNTP introduction

SNTP is a subset of NTP, which is a simplified version of NTP protocol. It came out in 1992 and launched SNTPv4 in 1996. Its time synchronization accuracy is up to second level. In most cases, it can satisfy the practical application.It is usually used for several hosts on LAN to synchronize clock with other NTP hosts through Internet, and then provide time synchronization service to other clients in LAN. SNTP generally uses the 123 port of user datagram protocol (userdatagramprotocol (UDP)), which can be used across platforms. It is the mainstream protocol to set up network time server. Like NTP protocol, SNTP has 3 modes of work: client / server mode, master / passively symmetric mode, single / multicast mode.

Time synchronization server introduction

The network time service provided by our company adopts the NTP time synchronization server with completely independent intellectual property rights. The time synchronization server receives GPS and Beidou satellite timing location signals, acquires UTC standard time information from the GPS and Beidou two generation satellites, and transacts UTC time information through the network to provide precise, standard, safe, reliable and multi-functional NTP timing services for network devices (NTP network clients), and generates 1PPS (second signal) synchronous pulse signals and Tod time information of the serial ports.

For customers who plan to purchase our company's time synchronization server, we can start the time synchronization test through the network setup. If you fully meet your school time requirements, you can place your order at ease.

Computer NTP configuration of Windows10 system

First, right click the lower right corner of the computer, click "adjust date / time", then select "other date, time and locale", then click "set time and date" to find " Internet time Click "change settings", enter the time server domain name or IP address in the server address bar, and click "update immediately" to complete the NTP configuration.

 NTP configuration diagram

NTP configuration diagram

Common time server address summary

The default time service website for domestic computers is time.windows.com, which is the default time server address of Microsoft Corp, and is also the most commonly used.

At present, the time server address or IP address provided in China is:

Time.syn029.com (Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) (national time service center IP address)

Ntp.sjtu.edu.cn (Shanghai Jiao Tong University Network Center NTP server address)

S1a.time.edu.cn Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

S1b.time.edu.cn Tsinghua University

S1c.time.edu.cn Peking University

S1d.time.edu.cn Southeast University

S1e.time.edu.cn Tsinghua University

S2a.time.edu.cn Tsinghua University

S2b.time.edu.cn Tsinghua University

S2c.time.edu.cn Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

S2d.time.edu.cn southwest Network Center

S2e.time.edu.cn northwest Network Center

S2f.time.edu.cn Northeast China Network Center

S2g.time.edu.cn southeast China Network Center

S2h.time.edu.cn network management center of Sichuan University

S2j.time.edu.cn Dalian University of Technology Network Center

S2k.time.edu.cnCERNET main node of Guilin

S2m.time.edu.cn Peking University

Time.tf086.com (Xi'an synchronous Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)

Time-a.nist.gov129.6.15.28NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Time-b.nist.gov129.6.15.29NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Time-a.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov132.163.4.101NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Time-b.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov132.163.4.102NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Time-c.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov132.163.4.103NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Utcnist.colorado.edu128.138.140.44UniversityofColorado, Boulder

Time.nist.gov192.43.244.18NCAR, Boulder, Colorado

Time-nw.nist.gov131.107.1.10Microsoft, Redmond, Washington

Nist1.symmetricom.com69.25.96.13Symmetricom, SanJose, California

Nist1-dc.glassey.com216.200.93.8Abovenet, Virginia

Nist1-ny.glassey.com208.184.49.9Abovenet, NewYorkCity

Nist1-sj.glassey.com207.126.98.204Abovenet, SanJose, California

Nist1.aol-ca.truetime.com207.200.81.113TrueTime, AOLfacility, Sunnyvale, California

Nist1.aol-va.truetime.com64.236.96.53TrueTime, AOLfacility, Virginia